Inspiration from Unlikely Sources:


Style and patterns have actually always been dictated by society; Chanel`s masculine and liberating designs throughout the 1920s a time of basic female empowerment, are simply one example that comes to mind. It must come as no surprise that designers in the 21st century are starting to get motivated by modern-day technology and computer games. DRKN, a Swedish unisex label has actually done just that for their Autumn Winter 2016 collection (read the founder s interview with Dazed here). Effect Style has actually teamed up with Impact Gaming to bring you 4 computer games worth having a look at for style inspiration.


The world has ended, and it`s remains are falling away into the abyss. The end of the world, at least in this case, doesn`t indicate the end of fashion.Layering and an unexpected quantity of stripes appears to be the secret to survival after completion of the world. Start with this dress from Topshop, add another layer of stripes in form of this jumper dress from Zara and finish everything off with this deep red headscarf from & other stories.


A summer camp for kids with mental powers goes epically incorrect. All the children end up brainless, and it depends on new camper Rasputin to rescue their brains and stop them being utilized to take over the world. Not just does Rasputin need to save the brains, he has to check out a faux-60`s world, with its famous vibrant designs.Enter the brain searching spirit with this classic pair of Dr Martens 8 eye boots, this multi-color crochet tee from Topshop and these colorful leggings from Monki.


A drifting city where racism is the standard, and the Founding Fathers are revered as gods. Stuck in late 19th century Americana this city takes much of its influence from this duration, with the outfits controlled by the style of the time. Bodices, top hats and neckerchiefs are plentiful, if you are a fan of the period`s clothing, it is an excellent place to take inspiration from.


The devices will make this inspired outfit. Stock up on neckerchiefs like this one from Asos and fedora hats of the type offered at New Look. The rest of the outfit should be classy however doesn`t need to be stuck in the 19th century per se. Take this bardot body con dress from River Island for example; immediate trendy and class.Even in this scarred Earth, there is style to be discovered. In the world of Fallout, society never ever really gave up on the style of the 50s so much of the clothes come from the duration.


Concentrating on functionality without jeopardizing style, Fallout 4 promises a successful merger of 50s prim and masculine office style and army motivated prints and cuts. Get your tux coat from Topshop and a pair of matching camouflage freight trousers from Zara. To finish the look include those khaki arm warmers from River Island.

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